Arjowiggins is part of Arist-ID, a secured accreditation solution for events

Arjowiggins is part of Arist-ID, a secured accreditation solution for events

When an event is organized, visitors are attending but also a lot of other groups of people to help and organize it, such as the staff, VIP, stars/sports people and many other groups all attending the event.

Today, if you want to control the access of these persons, you only have solutions where it is easy to counterfeit the badges even if you have any graphical elements or barcode system. There is also the possibility that controllers can be dishonest.

ARIST-ID, based on our expertise, is innovative in this world of accreditation apps because:

  1.  We use facial recognition: you take a picture of the person with the device, you tap the RFID badge on the same device and the app answers you if you have the authorization to access or not.
    – The Biometry is stored on individual secured RFID cards
    – The solution guarantees the full compliance with GDPR rules
    It is really fast and the badges can not be counterfeited. Our biometric algorithms are used for governmental ID projects and everything is stored on the individual secured RFID cards. There are no data on the network nor any database.
  2. This solution is flexible because we only need a small mobile device to control people’s entrance, no printer anymore, nor many hostesses. There is no waste of time at the arrival of the accreditation desk anymore.
  3. This is the first solution using High Secured RFID Cards made of a paper formulation that allows the printing of complex electronic circuitry directly onto paper, without any plastic. After the event, the badges can be recycled with a minimum impact on the environment.
  4. The user experience is excellent and is also compliant with pictures with masks. The accreditation app has already been used for several events, in France. Biometric algorithms are used for state identity projects all around the world. This solution received the label “CSF Grands Evénements” from the french Strategic Committee of the Security Industries Sector.

Arist-ID is a secure, flexible, economic and environmental solution to guarantee event accreditation with the best user experience.