Loyalty Grid

Agency Strangelove launches a new and unique way of activating brands and products

‘Loyalty Grid’ transforms normally passive physical products and items into smart digital carriers. When a digital carrier is scanned by a smartphone, Loyalty Grid reports the activation request to the brand HQ and translates it into a personal benefit that is directly delivered to the customer.

Depending on time, geo-location, and loyalty level, Loyalty Grid can deliver different types of content and rewards. This allows for endless opportunities for brands to connect with their customers, not only at the point of sale, but also ongoing once a relationship has been established.

Loyalty Grid

How it works

1. Chip your item

Step 1
By using PowerCoat, an all-new patented printing technology developed by Arjowiggins we can equip any paper substrates with NFC chips on a mass-scale.

2. Scan and connect

Step 2
The NFC tag is undetectable with the naked eye, but clearly designed to get the customers attention. Without any necessary preparations or installations the tag is scannable by any NFC ready smartphone.

3. Instant benefits

Step 3 When a digital carrier is scanned, Loyalty Grid instantly connects the item with the customer and activates personalised benefits determined by the brand.

4. Live monitoring

Step 4 Once a digital carrier is activated it reports all data back to the brand’s HQ. This data can be interpreted at an instant giving the brand an unprecedented source of information about sales patterns, customer profiles, preferences, loyalty, location, etc.