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Feel free to get in touch below if you have questions or want to discuss a potential project. For custom products we will be happy to discuss feasibility, price and minimum quantities with you.

Custom products

We are able to customize the following:

PowerCoat HD and XD products:

  • Format of the sheet or reels
  • Weight and thickness of the sheets

Alive products:

  • Number of tags per sheet
  • Dimension of RFID tag
  • Type and capacity of chip
  • Format of sheet – maximum size 320 x 460mm
  • Weight and thickness
  • Front and back papers for laminated products
  • Encoding

Security Documents:

  • Capacity of chips
  • Weight and format of paper

Adhesives (from 100 tags):

  • Dimensions and shape of adhesive
  • Chip capacity
  • Front paper