Tap into the Future with Business Cards+. MOO, the web’s much-loved premium print business launches the first major upgrade to the humble Business Card, with the introduction of it’s range of NFC powered cards.

MOO takes paper to the next level with business cards 2.0

MOO, the web’s much-loved premium print business launches the first major upgrade to the humble Business Card, with the introduction of Business Cards+.

Business Cards+ are produced to MOO’s usual high standards, but also feature embedded Near Field Communication (NFC) chips, empowering the physical card with an unlimited range of digital actions, defined by the customer. Simply tap to an NFC-enabled device and Business Cards+ come to life.

All this is made possible with Paper+, the company’s supporting new online platform for defining, managing and reporting these actions. Paper+ is the customer’s dashboard, where they can control what their cards link to, before, or even after, they’ve handed them out. Accompanying Business Cards+, Paper+ also launches today.

MOO’s founder and CEO Richard Moross says,

“Business cards are the most successful networking technology of all time, but they’ve been the same for centuries. Of course we love print, but because we also love the web we wanted to bring those two worlds together, making paper more useful than it’s ever been.”

Business Cards+ are so much more than just business cards. They are driven by URLs that you can change even after you’ve handed out your cards, so they’re as dynamic and alive as the web itself, while still being easy to use and update on Paper+. This means that…

  • creatives have an always-updated portfolio of work in their customer’s hands
  • entrepreneurs can give direct access to download their start-up’s app
  • networkers have the next generation referral card to maximize their influence
  • retailers can swiftly link to price lists and new stock
  • fashion designers can constantly update their latest collections
  • event planners can keep a track of attendees
  • …and musicians can share music playlists and exclusive invite-only tracks

MOO’s NFC Business Cards+ are available with many of the amazing print and design features you’ve come to expect from the company which invented Printfinity*. Initially available in a run of up to 5 different backgrounds for every pack of 20 cards ordered, the packs come in a futuristic neon and white gloss relief patterned box which feels like a gift in itself.

Priced at $30 for a pack of 20** with the Paper+ platform included, Business Cards+ will be available in MOO’s matte finish. You’d never know that deep inside there is some very clever printing technology. The trick is pioneering silver nano print technology, so the card’s smart functions are embedded within the layers of the paper.***

Richard Moross concludes,

“As soon as we saw this technology we knew we had to develop it. And it’s taken us over 2 years to get it right, but loving technology and being design-minded people, this was something MOO was meant to do. It provides us with an enormous commercial opportunity, but really it’s all about our mission to help our customers to stand out. Now for the first time we’re able to give them a whole new digital as well as paper world. We can’t wait to see how they use it.”

Business Cards+ and Paper+ is available worldwide from


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Launched in 2006, MOO aims to disrupt the trillion dollar global print industry by combining the values of professional design with accessibility and reach of the web: making great design available to everyone, everywhere.

MOO focuses on helping its customers create, share or promote their professional identity and has subsequently become one of the fastest growing print businesses in the world, with over a million businesses served in over 200 countries in the last 2 years.

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