Life cycle analysis of printed electronics on paper

Development of Eco-Efficient Smart Electronics for Anticounterfeiting and Shock Detection Based on Printable Inks

Arjowiggins wins the Best Publicly Funded Project Demonstrator at the OE-A 2021 Competition with the ‘SUPERSMART Anti Counterfeiting Label’ project

SUPERSMART – paper-based printed electronics as environmentally friendly and cost-efficient alternative

Arjowiggins is part of Arist-ID, a secured accreditation solution for events

Arist-ID is a secure, flexible, economic and environmental solution to guarantee event accreditation with the best user experience.

Arjowiggins, Id3 Technologies, ISRA Cards and Tick Access receive the label ‘CSF Grands Evénements’ for their accreditation solution.

This label, carried by the Strategic Committee of the Sector (CSF) ‘Security Industries’, aims to identify French solutions that can contribute to the security of large-scale events.

PowerCoat will be exhibiting at LOPEC 2020 in Munich

PowerCoat will be exhibiting at LOPEC 2020 in Munich

Visit the Arjowiggins booth (L10) at LOPEC (Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention) to view live demonstrations and learn about the latest developments of our Powercoat range!

Arjowiggins participe aux Rencontres ELECTRONIQUE IMPRIMEE les 29 et 30 juin à Paris

Arjowiggins participe aux Rencontres ELECTRONIQUE IMPRIMEE les 29 et 30 juin à Paris

Les Rencontres ELECTRONIQUE IMPRIMEE sont organisées par l’AFELIM. Elles se dérouleront les 29 et 30 mars au Pavillon Gabriel, 5 avenue Gabriel à Paris.

Arjowiggins Creative Papers to partner with the CCI Eurolam Group

The CCI Eurolam Group has entered into a distribution agreement with Arjowiggins Creative Papers across the EMEA region, effective April 2018, to be a distributor of the PowerCoat® substrate product line, a patented, unique, flexible paper formulation that allows the printing of complex electronic circuitry directly onto paper for printed electronics manufacturing.

PowerCoat Smartcore will be exhibiting at CES 2018 in Las Vegas

Come and visit us at CES in Las Vegas on the 9-12 of January 2018, and discover how paper is entering the world of IoT. We will be on the Yes It Is booth at Eureka Park 51055, where we will be demonstrating our Smartcore technology.

The countdown to Printed Electronics USA 2017 is on…

The Application of Printed, Organic and Flexible Electronics November 15 – 16, 2017 | Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA Visit the Arjowiggins booth (L10) at Printed Electronics USA 2017 Santa Clara Convention Centre, CA, USA to view live demonstrations and learn about the latest developments of our Powercoat range. Read more at:

MPO France / YesItIs

French start-up develops the world’s first connected vinyl using PowerCoat Alive technology from Arjowiggins.

Next generation retail and brand experience

NFC is Transforming Retail  Source: NFC Forum Spread the word with this new infographic! With all major smartphone operating systems now supporting NFC, this technology is poised to make a tremendous impact in the retail and brand space. Recognizing this momentum, the NFC Forum Retail and Payment SIG developed an infographic that provides an outline […]

Powercoat® ALIVE at Luxe Pack Monaco 2017

In case you missed it, Powercoat® ALIVE was present in the C2L section of this year’s Luxe Pack Monaco. On the agenda was a round table discussion on the evolution and potential of connected packaging as well as a focus on Powercoat Alive, its uses and how it is revolutionising the world of luxury packaging. […]

La start-up française Revive connecte le disque vinyle

Le 1er vinyle connecté est présenté à l’occasion de la 40e édition du festival Son & Image. Une invention du Français Nicolas Baudry, qui a déposé le brevet. Source: Le  Par: Judikael Hirel Imaginez toutes les évolutions et révolutions que le son a pu connaître ces quarante dernières années… Quarante ans, c’est justement l’âge […]

Centre for Hybrid & Organic Solar Energy

PowerCoat HD enables groundbreaking advancements in the performance of paper-based solar cell technology.

Arjowiggins Creative Papers’ full offer of smart paper, making waves in the paper industry

  PowerCoat® paper, the multi-award winning innovation from Arjowiggins, provides a smart way to integrate intelligent functionality into products we come into contact with every day. This includes packaging, event tickets, cards and magazines as well as more sophisticated applications and components including pressure sensitive materials, lighting or displays. This 100% paper substrate has a […]