Powerful paper for intelligent solutions

PowerCoat’s range of unique, flexible paper products have been developed to suit all your specific printed electronic requirements.

Whether printing of electronic and conductive circuitry directly onto paper or printing of smart and connected paper products, you will find the perfect solution from our range of products listed below.

Our smart papers range proposes 3 categories of products:

Substrates for printed electronics 

Our substrate is a unique, flexible paper formulation that allows the printing of complex electronic circuitry directly onto paper, ushering in the next generation of smart products for many industries.

PowerCoat HD
PowerCoat HD is the original ultra-smooth paper substrate designed for printing of electronic circuitry and more precisely high-definition patterning such as microelectronics and electroplating.

PowerCoat XD
PowerCoat XD is our mid-range cellulosic substrate for the printing of electronic circuitry, more specifically high-throughput applications that require less definition and material deposition constraints.

NFC solutions

An embedded RFID tag and microchip directly onto PowerCoat XD paper, then laminated with our quality fine paper. The result is an NFC ready paper that can be printed using virtually any print process.

PowerCoat ALIVE Cards
Our NFC Smart Cards are the ideal solution for applications where secure authentication is required.

A dedicated range of Smart Papers combining Secure Paper and RFID Technology

PowerCoat ALIVE Sheets
The world’s first ready-to-use NFC paper for graphic printing and professional finishing, ushering in a new era in intelligent print media, packaging and more.

PowerCoat ALIVE Labels
Our PowerCoat Labels range comprising labels and stickers for graphic printing uses NFC technology to create a new world of interactive packaging and products.

Technical solutions

New products are under development and offer environmental solutions for products such as UHF, Dual UHF/NFC solutions or active and passive sensors.

PowerCoat UHF 
UHF RFID antenna allow the identification of any product with a unique code.

A dual UHF/NFC combines the benefits of HF, NFC, and UHF RFID sharing a unique chip. It allows easy and quick short-range interaction with an NFC-compatible smartphone.

Active sensors
An active sensor is a sensing device that allows data to be gathered autonomously. It requires a source of power, such as batteries, to achieve datalogging at regular intervals.

Passive sensors
A passive sensor is a sensing device that detects and responds to some type of input but doesn’t gather the data. Measurements are triggered by contactless NFC or UHF reading, with the sensor powered through energy harvesting feature of the chip.