Developed in response to the rise of counterfeiting and falsification of certificates, the GenCert technology provides the ability to integrate secure data microchips within the paper that can be read via NFC, enabling a new way to create and verify document authenticity.

GenCert is dedicated to security applications such as e-Certificates, e-Bonds, e-Vouchers, e-Diplomas, all proven genuine due to the paper itself and the security RFID chip.

Without any plastic, GenCert is recyclable and is readable by any NFC smartphone.


The GenCert solution is based on 3 pillars:

Security Paper with security features

The UV dull security paper can include as many security features as needed: watermarks, security fibres, holographic foils, chemical sensitisation, iridescent printing, Hilites / StarLites™.

Printed design

A dedicated design is proposed for a naked-eye authentication: colors, pattern, guilloche, text, micro text, rainbow printing. All these security features will be designed according to the requirements of the customer and will secure the document in order to provide the same security level as for a banknote.

Secure RFID chip

The selected embedded chip owns many secure properties:

  • NFC compliant to be read by all smartphones
  • Secure chip allowing data encryption
  • ‘Anti-clone’ feature: mutual authentication chip/smartphone
  • Provide a digital authentication of each document without any possible copy, duplication or clone


How to use GenCert

You can print and finish the e-Certificate just as any other conventional paper. Once the chip is personalized, an NFC-enabled mobile device (ie smartphone) placed near the certificate will read the chip data.