PowerCoat HD is the original ultra-smooth paper substrate designed for high-definition patterning such as microelectronics and electroplating.

Thanks to its unique cellulosic formulation and our patented processes, we’ve created an ultra-smooth 100% paper substrate that is a truly viable alternative to plastics for printing electronics. With incredible thermal stability, mechanical strength and outstanding sintering capabilities, PowerCoat HD is the ideal substrate for more advanced printed electronics such as capacitors, sensors and highly complex circuitry.


What’s more, our highly sustainable paper substrate features increased adhesion and reduced absorption, giving you significant savings of expensive inks and materials, so production needn’t cost the earth.

  • Perfect for high-definition patterning (down to <5µm)
  • Reduced cost of circuit inks and materials (coating thickness <1µm)
  • High sintering capabilities in Air, Photonic and RF thermal processes
  • Excellent thermal stability in colour and dimension
  • Compatible with all printing techniques
  • Available from 95µm to 800µm, in sheets and reels
  • 3 patented technologies
  • Recyclable and biodegradable

Have a particular job in mind? Powercoat HD can be customized in the following way:

  • Format of sheet or reels
  • Weight and thickness of substrate

Contact us to discuss potential applications for PowerCoat HD.

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Range Chart – HD and XD


<p>Range Chart – HD and XD</p>

Technical Sheet – PowerCoat HD 230 and PowerCoat HD 95


<p>Technical Sheet – PowerCoat HD 230 and PowerCoat HD 95</p>