NFC Diploma / Certificates

Developed in response to the rise of counterfeiting and falsification of certificates, PowerCoat Security Documents have pioneered the direct printing of electronic security onto paper since 2011.

Using our unique 100% paper PowerCoat base, we have used this technology to integrate secure data microchips that can be read via NFC, providing a new way to create and verify document authenticity. Furthermore, because there are no plastics whatsoever, you can handle, print and finish the certificate just as any other conventional paper.


How do PowerCoat Security Documents work?

A layer of our PowerCoat paper with pre-printed RFID circuitry and a silicon chip are inserted between two sheets of our quality paper. The 3 sheets are then laminated to create a sheet of our PowerCoat Security Documents.

Once programmed, an NFC-enabled mobile device placed near the chip will trigger whatever action that is encoded in the chip by powering the circuit with radio waves. No separate battery is needed.

What are the benefits of an NFC secured Diploma/Certificate?

  • Sophisticated security on physical documents
  • Each diploma that is issued can be programmed differently and can be highly personalised
  • Information on the microchip can be customized to correspond with the information on the certificate
  • The data stored on the chip is encrypted and cannot be modified by unauthorised personnel

Security Documents can be customized in the following way:

  • Capacity of chips
  • Weight and format of paper

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