PowerCoat XD is our mid-range cellulosic substrate, setting a new standard for high-throughput applications that require fewer material deposition constraints.

Compatible with a wide range of existing production technologies including screen, flexo, gravure and offset printing, PowerCoat XD gives you the flexibility to print high-volume electronic circuitry for applications such as intelligent ticketing, labelling and smart packaging.


Thanks to our patented cellulose formulation, you benefit from:

  • high roll-to-roll strength required in flexo, gravure, offset and screen printing techniques
  • superb sintering capabilities in air, photonic and RF thermal processes
  • superior thermal stability in colour and dimension
  • Available from 95µm upwards

PowerCoat XD is also fully compliant with the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements, and as such is suitable for use in the packaging, transporting or holding of food. Download the FDA certification here.

PowerCoat XD can be customized in the following way:

  • Format of sheet or reels
  • Weight and thickness of substrate

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Range Chart – HD and XD


<p>Range Chart – HD and XD</p>

Technical Sheet – PowerCoat XD 80 / XD 125 / XD 200


<p>Technical Sheet – PowerCoat XD 80 / XD 125 / XD 200</p>

FDA PowerCoat XD Certification


<p>FDA PowerCoat XD Certification</p>