A revolution in printed electronics substrates

PowerCoat, the multi-award winning innovation from Arjowiggins, provides a smart way to integrate intelligent functionality into products we come into contact with every day.

PowerCoat is a microscopically smooth 100% paper substrate with a specially adapted coating that creates the ideal surface for printing electronic circuits directly onto paper products, eliminating the need for plastics and additional processes. It is recyclable, biodegradable and FSC- certified, and thanks to its inherent paper qualities, it is lightweight and flexible, so circuits can be folded, cut, torn or even burned to produce any desired function.

The PowerCoat range includes:

Products for printing electronic circuitry

PowerCoat HD with its ultra-smooth surface, for yielding impressively high-precision patterning of circuitry

PowerCoat XD designed for high-throughput processes including the mass production of flexible circuitry.

Products for graphic printing

PowerCoat ALIVE, a connected paper with embedded NFC technology available in sheets and labels.

Products for Security Documents

PowerCoat Security Documents, high quality paper with embedded secure NFC functionality.

Products for integration in plastics and laminates

PowerCoat Smartcore – An innovative solution that facilitates the integration of intelligence into plastics and other laminates.

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